Statements about software development

Some of these, I may write more about. I often feel like these statements between them point in a direction, and some days I think that I could build something that they’re pointing at. Maybe I’ll just keep complaining, though!

  • A database is just a big ol’ global variable.
  • Mutable state is where bugs come from.
  • Uncontrolled side effects mean you may as well have mutable state everywhere.
  • Does your application’s database contain a stream of data, or a pile of facts? We think of it as a pile of facts, even when it’s a stream of data. We should stop doing that.
  • Your tests should only assert things that you actually care about.
  • Mocks in a dynamic language are almost unforgivable.
  • A relationship between two objects, doesn’t belong to either of them.
  • A picture does not describe a user experience.
  • Building pages in terms of html and then dealing with them in terms of DOM is stupid.
  • Why wouldn’t you want your language to stop you from putting round things in square holes?

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