The Slap

by Christos Tsiolkas – I finished reading it last night, and found it quite remarkable. Too many sex scenes, and too many four letter words starting with C, but I was beguiled by the portrait of a family making choices, making bad choices, as everyone does. To have such sympathy for these characters, even as we are presented with the horror of their darkest selves, is striking.

That their humanity was so tied up in the best and worst of themselves was, to me, quite beautiful.

I think maybe the next book I read will be one where some of the characters are not arseholes, though.

3 thoughts on “The Slap

  1. I think that many of the characters seem to be arseholes because you know a lot more about them than you would about most people. I think that if we knew everything about everyone, the whole of their lives, most of them would look like arseholes at some point in their lives.

  2. Cool. I have seen one scene from the TV series, involving three people walking out of a house and into a car, arguing the whole time. They sound like angry people.

    I watched them filming it in the street over from my house. Do you know when it will be on TV or if it has already been?

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